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A day in the life:
Magic Round

My name is Alice and I have just completed my first trimester of study with TAFE Queensland at the Brisbane Broncos Sport Business Institute. After picking up essential game day operations skills at Broncos home games through work integrated learning, I was lucky enough to get to shadow the NRL’s game day team for Magic Round.


Here is a snapshot of what my day looked like for Magic Round…


Arrive to Suncorp Stadium, collect my accreditation, and enter through security. By now I have met most of the stadium staff stationed here so we have a bit of a chat as I walk in.


Time for the production meeting. In this meeting we go through the run sheet line by line and allocate tasks across the team. Today I will be responsible for ensuring the hosts of the day get to their allotted segments throughout the day.

Outside of class I work part-time as a nurse, so I am used to every second counting – and I have learnt that a game day event run sheet is timed down to the second!


Rehearsals. This is where the team run through all the big screen testing required, and the essential mic checks!


I walk with the big screen hosts up to the Precinct outside the stadium so they can pre-record some advertisements that will be transferred to stadium screens as fans are walking in!


Gates are open and kick off is in 10 minutes! All our hosts are around the stadium going live to camera while interacting with fans, the energy is high, and we are all hands-on deck to ensure everything is going smoothly and are on time according to our run sheet.


Kick off! Time to reset and organise our new tasks for the half time segment!


Half time! All systems go once again - my allocated host has three segments to participate in within 10 minutes! It was so fun watching all the people involved come together and produce an epic half time show!


Second half kicks off, and we are all able to come together and reflect on the half time show. We review what worked well, as well as what we can do better for the next game!


Full time! My last job is to make sure our hosts are in the correct spot, ready for post-match interviews with players. Being behind the scenes is such a treat!


Time to help pack up from the game and head home! It has been such an amazing experience meeting everyone and learning so many new things. Bring on the next Broncos game day.

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